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eap kurs mental wellbeing building resilience

Building Resilience

Learn strategies and techniques for developing the ability to bounce back from adversity and handle stress in a healthy and productive way. Um diesen Inhalt

eap kurs mental wellbeing compassion


Learn the importance of discovering compassion for yourself in order to have compassion for others, and how to practice compassion regularly. Um diesen Inhalt sehen

eap kurs mental wellbeing conflict management

Conflict Management

Discover strategies on conflict mangement – how to identify the problem, when to walk away and how to manage conflicts through active listening. Um diesen

eap kurs mental wellbeing finding purpose

Finding Purpose

Learn how to find purpose in life and what it means once you have found it. Um diesen Inhalt sehen zu können, müssen Sie angemeldet

eap kurs mental wellbeing stress management

Stress Management

What is stress? How does it show up in your body? Join Nadia as she guides you through a cognitive reframing practice. Um diesen Inhalt

eap kurs mental wellbeing the practice of listening

The Practice Of Listening

Develop the art of active and empathetic listening to foster more meaningful relationships, open communication, and a profound understanding of others emotions. Um diesen Inhalt

mentales wohlbefinden sleep hygiene

Sleep Hygiene

Good sleep hygiene means that both, the sleep environment and the daily routine promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep. This video course teaches you all about achieving