Healthy employees

instead of high fluctuation and quiet quitting

It is there. The potential of your employees. With eap.wellbeing
they can discover, develop and unfold it ...

Structure in everyday life
Those who are well organized have it easier in (working) life.
Being successful even under adverse circumstances.
Make decisions
Helpful tips and exercises for the undecided.
Relaxation techniques
Why is relaxation actually so important?
Stress management
How can we best deal with stress?
10 things you can do every day.
Yoga at home
Short yoga sessions relax the mind and body.

Really good employees are valuable, are expensive - and especially expensive when they leave. Because recruiting of new specialists costs money! Time! Nerves!

Many companies have already recognized the recognized the economic explosiveness of demotivated and unhappy people. They therefore therefore provide their staff with professional outsourced psychological support for their employees: Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

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The online platform for sustainable development and development of mental potential and mental health.

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Activate strengths

Through concrete and anonymous help with private and professional professional stress factors, we encourage we encourage people to recognize and activate their inner strengths and implement them independently.

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Only those who, in addition to professional qualifications mental potential can also develop freely will find fulfillment in the long term. in the long term. And the meaning for which worth working and getting involved and commitment.

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Recognition & appreciation

With eap.wellbeing we address each:n as a unique and valuable individual and create a liberating and thereby create a liberating atmosphere of recognition and appreciation.


Advantages for companies

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Online platform eap.wellbeing briefly explained by Dr. Cornelia Martens

Workplace health promotion

Activate the strengths and potential of your employees - always and everywhere. The modern Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Book your personal online appointment to find out in an efficient 15 minutes how eap.wellbeing works and why you can benefit from the development of your employees' potential.

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People who are healthy and feel good are more productive.
Relaxation boosts creativity and improves quality of life.

eap.wellbeing supports people in developing and unfolding their mental potential and mental health.

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Understanding mind & soul

In over 100 videos, we delve into topics that concern people on a daily basis and show approaches that can improve both professional and private life.

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Exercise for the body

Stressed, tense or in complete turmoil? Short yoga sessions bring relaxation to the body and calm to the mind. Or would you prefer to get fit with martial arts? 

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Podcasts for on the go

Mental health to listen to. Our podcasts provide valuable information and helpful tips to help you cope better with everyday life.

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Articles & technical contributions

Our articles raise awareness of the important topic of "mental health" and at the same time provide valuable tips on how to improve quality of life.

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Recommended reading

Mental health is a topic that people don't like to talk about. Even though it concerns many people. Our book tips will help you take a closer look at mental (psychological) health.

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Everything checked? Checklists make life easier. They help with organization, create space in the brain and save time and energy that can then be used for other things. 

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Questionnaires can be used to make an initial self-assessment of your current situation. They provide orientation. Important: Self-tests cannot replace a professional diagnosis.

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Online advice

Available soon!
Those who prefer a personal and individual approach and would like to delve deeper will soon be able to book an online consultation via Zoom directly via the platform.

Workplace health promotion

Healthy employees instead of high fluctuation and quiet quitting

Learn in a compact 15 minutes how you can support your employees in developing their potential and why this is important and valuable for companies.

Topics that occupy people ...

... and can limit their performance. Provide your employees with useful information, suggestions and tips to help them cope better with their everyday lives and develop their potential.

Lack of motivation
How do you manage to motivate yourself?
Fears and worries
How can you overcome fears and manage worries?
How do you recognize it and how can you deal with it?

Lack of motivation - Trailer

No motivation and energy? Find out how you can motivate yourself in this video.

Solving fears and worries - Trailer

Who hasn't experienced it? The fear that overcomes us again and again and restricts our everyday lives?

Burnout - Trailer

Listening to the warning signals of the body and mind is extremely important. What is burnout anyway?

Workplace health promotion

Use the digital EAP self-care offer for your workforce!

EAP Online for workplace health promotion, mental health & potential development.

It's that simple


Team members can be conveniently managed online as part of the corporate account. A separate membership is available for private individuals. If you have any questions, please contact us: