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Below you will find the terms of use for your use of the eap.wellbeing website. By registering, you agree to the terms of use of eap.wellbeing.

The information provided as part of eap.wellbeing has been developed solely for the purpose of informing and developing the skills of healthy people. The aim is to preventively support people to stay healthy. eap.wellbeing is not designed to treat mental disorders. A specialist is required to diagnose and treat clinical depression or anxiety, for example. If you would like a diagnosis or treatment of e.g. depression, anxiety or other mental disorders, please consult a doctor or psychotherapist.

All questionnaires on eap.wellbeing, which are aimed at a possible mental disorder to be clarified by a doctor, serve exclusively to query and sharpen your own perception of e.g. anxious and/or depressive symptoms. They are not designed to make a diagnosis. People under the age of 18 with depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms or other mental health issues are advised to talk to their parents or other trusted adults about seeking help from a doctor or psychotherapist. The videos, audio files and other materials on eap.wellbeing are intended to provide information and do not replace a medical consultation.